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There is a lot of information available on the internet about how to become rich. People talk about money but there are only a few who become rich. I am not in favour of any kind of gambling or any other short cut method. Gambling or any other short cut method is temporarily and it never brings any kind of success or happiness. I am talking about all those people who born in a middle-class family and become rich by their hard work, dedication, discipline and a lot of patience.

There are a lot of examples in front of us who born in a middle-class family, lack of formal education, some dropout from school & colleges but they become rich and successful. This proves that born in a middle-class family, lack of formal education is only excuses.

First of all, we need to understand what are the reasons which stops us from becoming rich and finally how can we solve them.

  • No Plan for Future:

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

To become rich and successful we need to make a plan for our future. Without any proper plan, we can’t save money and will always give excuses.

If you want to become rich in 5 years then you have to make a plan according to that.

If you want to become rich in 10 years then you have to make a 10-year plan.

Make a plan according to which is suitable as per your earning. You have to consider inflation, health problems, job loss and any other emergencies which may occur during these years.

You can consult with your financial advisor who can make a better plan for you. After making the plan, start saving money and stick on your plan. My recommendation is that you must start a SIP or Recurring Deposit and invest your money continuously until and unless you achieve your goal.

  • Problems:

Every problem comes with new opportunities. We only need to find opportunities in problems. There is a difference between rich and poor people. Poor people look at problems while rich people find solutions. Instead of crying we need to find solutions to our problems.

The founder of Ola “Bhavish Aggarwal” told that once he was travelling in a taxi. The cab driver stopped the car in the middle of the journey and demanded renegotiation of what Bhavish was paying and then proceeded to abandon him by the side of the road. Understanding the plight of travellers everywhere, he saw the amount of potential that an extraordinary cab booking service could have in this country (India). In 2010, he changed his business model from a holiday and tour planning company to a taxi-hailing firm.

Where all of us were suffering from this problem, Bhavish found opportunity in it.

  • Hard Work:

How many of you work for yourself after office hours?

Most of us belong from the Middle-Class family and we all are doing our job. All of us claim that we work very hard to earn money but for whom we are working? Most of us are happy or at least satisfied with our job but some people work after their job. They are working for themself. Instead of wasting time in front of T.V. or Mobile they are trying to developing one more stream of Income.

If you want to bring change in your life then you have to do something extra. Work not for your boss but yourself.

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  • You spend more than what you make:

If you are earning handsome money then you have to right to spend it according to your wish. But if you are spending more than your budget then you have to rethink. Spending whole your salary on parties, gadgets and other expensive things will bring a lot of trouble in your life. If you spend your whole full month salary then you have to borrow money from friends, relatives in case of emergencies. Borrowing money makes the situation worse.

If you think that this problem will be solved after the hike in your salary then again you are wrong. A hike in salary promotes you to spend more. Many people earn a handsome salary but at the end of the month, they left nothing in their pocket.

If you spend more than your earning you will never become rich. The only solution to this problem is that you make your budget, try to save money for emergencies and then spend your money. If possible start investing some part of your salary. You can start an SIP or Recurring Deposit. Nowadays you can start your SIP from Rs 500/-

  • Not Investing Properly

Have you heard of any person who became rich just by keeping his money in Saving Bank Account? In India Saving Account offer 3.5%- 6% interest which is lower than the inflation rate. No one can become rich just by keeping money in the savings account. There are other investment options like Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, Debt Fund which offer an interest rate of 6%-9% p.a. On the other hand, Mutual Fund & Direct Investment in Equities offer 12%-18% p.a. in the long run.

Instead of keeping our money in saving accounts, we need to invest in various investment options which are best suitable for us. If you are younger and are willing to take the risk, you can invest your money in Mutual Fund or Equities.

If you cross the age of 40 years it is better to park your money in Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposit or Debt Fund which offers the interest rate ranging between 6%- 9% p.a.

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Becoming rich is not difficult if you plan accordingly and stick to your plan. It is better to take advice from your financial advisor that which investment option is best suitable to you. Never think that born in poor families or lack of formal education is the reason for your failure. Many examples in front of us born in a poor family and become rich. If they can do so, then why we not. Believe in yourself and success will come to you.


  1. I agree with some of this but I think its really depends on a lot more factors. I mean it’s good to work on the future, spend some of your time off trying to improve your situation but things don’t always go to plan you’ve still got to have put aside a fair amount of savings before it has much worth as an investment… not all those in middle class families have the support of them, not everyone comes from a middle class family and being in a middle class family and having the savings to maybe buy a house I wouldn’t call that poor…

  2. Helpful post. Spending more than you earn is a surefire way to go down the debt spiral. It’s not a good place to be in and it’s not a good feeling. More people need to realise that the key to getting ahead financially is to live within your means.

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