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Anyone can make money from their blog and change their life, but it’ll take some hard work and determination. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme and it takes time but it’s worth it. If you are passionate about writing then blogging is the right platform for you. 

Many bloggers in India earn decent income from their blogs.

Harsh Agrawal: – He is the most popular name in the world of blogging. He purchased the domain name from friend’s credit card and now his average earning from blogging is $40,000 per month.

So many bloggers work on their blog either full-time or part-time and generate some money.

The amount of money you can make depends on the number of visitors (traffic) to your site and the readers are interested in your content.

Till date, there are more than 600 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites in the world. More than 4 million blog posts go live every day, on average. Despite this opulence, the people who profit from blogging are few – less than 10% of all bloggers generate some income.

One in three bloggers monetizes her or his online activity, and about 10% are making over $10,000 per year. The lucky few or more precisely the top 0.6% is ranking in whopping $1 million annual earnings.

If you want to start a blog and earn some income from your passion then keep reading these simple strategies to create your very own money-making blog.

  • Pick a Blog name & domain name for your blog

Name of the blog is the most crucial part of success. A domain name is the URL of a blog which a visitor will use to open a blog.

For example:-

Before choosing a domain name remembers these 3 secrets:

1. Easy to remember

2. Easy to type

3. Easy to pronounce.

  • Find your Niche

If you follow any blog then you have noticed that there is not a single blog on which you can find all the topics. There is a different blog for different topics. Some bloggers write on electronic devices then you will find only those topics which are related to electronic devices on their blog. Some blogger write only on finance then you will get only finance-related topics on their blog.

Have you wondered why this happens? Why a single blogger not write on multiple topics? Why there is only finance-related posts on finance blogs?

This is called Niche. Every blogger follow their niche in which they are interested. They rarely write any topics which are not related to their niche. You can’t find any posts related to pet animals on finance blogs. If a blogger starts writing posts on different topics then it will not only confuse his audience but Google also. Both Google and the audience will not recognize what type of blogger you are.  

You have to find your niche in which you are interested. Make a list of all those topics and ideas on which you can write or talk about all day & still you don’t feel tired. If you are interested in finance then you can write blogs on finance. It will help your audience to recognize your blog as a finance blog. 

  • Choosing the right hosting platform

If you want to write blogs then you have to choose the right hosting platform. Hosting platform is the place where a blogger write his blog post and publish it. There are different hosting platform available for blogger. A blogger can choose any of these platforms according to his choice.

Now, the biggest question arise which platform is best suitable for you. If you choose the wrong hosting platform then you will face a lot of problems. Many people make the mistake of picking the wrong blogging site and later regretting it.

There are two types of hosting platform available. Free option & Paid option.

  • Free Options.

There are many hosting platform where you can write blogs and publish them without paying a single penny. BlogSpot and is the most popular free hosting blogging platform. If you start your blog from these two platforms then you don’t have to spend a single penny. BlogSpot & is user-friendly; here you don’t require any technical knowledge. You just have to fill the form like your name, age, name of your site, country etc, and your blog become ready within 15 minutes.

  • Paid Options

Also known as self-hosted domain. There are many blogging platform on which you can start your blog after paying their fees. is the most popular blogging platform on which more than 38% of bloggers publish their post. The reason why is so popular because it easily gives you complete control of your website.

Note: If you want to earn money from your blog then choose self-hosted domain.

  • Promotion

Building your blog and writing good content is not enough in blogging. Even if you wrote good quality content which is helpful to many people then also it is very difficult to get a single view on your blog. The most difficult part of blogging is to get traffic.

You’ll have to make people aware of your blog and let them know more about it. After writing a few blog posts you have to promote your blogs so that your work reaches to maximum number of people. Use social media, twitter, facebook, WhatsApp to promote your blog.

  • Keywords & SEO

A large number of bloggers quit blogging because they fail to understand the relevance of “Keywords & SEO”. If you want to make your career in blogging then you can’t ignore them. If you ignore them, Google will ignore you.

Understanding Keywords & SEO is not as difficult as they seem. You have to work on these and after regular practice, you will understand how Google work.

Let’s take an example of a librarian. Librarian knows which book is kept at which place. If you ask him to find any book, he will tell you where the book is. Like the same way Google works. Google scan lot of websites which is known as crawling. So, when you search for anything on Google then it gives you the exact result of what you are searching. People write keywords on the search bar of Google and then Google start crawling millions of websites where these keywords are present.

So you have to put relevant keywords on your post so that Google can crawl your site and make it available on search result.

There is millions of internet user. If you understand keywords and SEO then you can’t imagine how much organic traffic you will get.

  • Content

You designed your blog beautifully, promoted it on facebook, twitter and other social media platform. Your friends, colleagues helped you in getting traffics. But if your content is not good then all these promotions will go waste. If people who visit your blog don’t find any quality content then they will never visit your blog again. There is no need to write a lot of articles on your blog, just write few but quality one. Even if it takes more time to write quality content then also there is no problem. Having a few quality content is much better than much content which is not helpful.

  • Monetization

You worked so hard on your blogs. You posted a lot of quality content and optimized your blog according to search result.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most popular ad network for blogs. With high quality of ads and its safe recurring income, AdSense is a great blog monetization network.

You need to have a blog to get approval on AdSense. It shows high-quality ads automatically based on the context of your article and also based on your user interest. Since the ads shown are of high quality, they don’t affect the user experience.

Dr.Kishor Kumar, Founder of earn Rs 60K to 70K every month.

Arun Prabhusai, Founder of earns up to Rs 3 to 3.5 lakhs every month from AdSense.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate advertisements are one of the best ways to make money since a single sale will make you a lot more money than a single click on contextual ads Most of the bloggers are using affiliate marketing to make money from their blog.

3. Sell your eBooks:

Many bloggers are earning decent money by selling their eBooks. All you need to pick a topic, compile an eBook on that topic, and put it on sale on your blog or on Amazon. Once you are used to this process you can earn a decent amount of money by selling eBooks online.

There are many more methods by which you can earn a decent amount of money on your blogs. Not all methods work for everyone, so you have to do experiments and choose which method is best suitable for your blog.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is not a quick- rich scheme. It requires a lot of patience. Remember that everyone starts somewhere. Most successful bloggers you see out there have been doing it for many years, so don’t give up.