Coronavirus- Rich gifted this to the poor.

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The Indian Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi requested his countrymen to show respect toward Doctors, Nurses, health-care employees and all the people who are working for the nation against the coronavirus through claps, thali and ghanti on Sunday. After the speech of Narendra Modi, the country’s upper socio-economic class and additionally the elites couldn’t stop themselves from proclaiming how nice their Prime Minister is. Some even uploaded videos explaining the ‘scientifically proven’ advantages of sound created by hand-clapping and ringing of bells — as a measure to kill coronavirus or COVID-19.

Influential personalities like Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Sonu Nigam and several others supported the PM’s decision.

Coronavirus –A gift from abroad

After all, it’s the country’s elites who brought this deadly coronavirus to the Republic of India. Be it the first case of a Kerala resident coming back from China’s mainland —where the coronavirus originated — or that of Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor, who came from the United Kingdom.  She attended many parties and social events after coming back to India.

Kanika Kapoor, the singer currently is in quarantine. Once coming back from the UK, she visited Lucknow where she attended 3 parties. Rajasthan former chief minister Vasundhara Raje
and her son Dushyant Singh, and alternative ministers attended the party.

The state Police could have booked her for negligence (she was tested and found coronavirus positive) however can there be any action against the political leaders at all who were enjoying party despite of complete lockdown in many countries where coronavirus killed a large number of people.

Sharing it with India’s poor

India’s affluent who are requesting people to stay at home is the one who gifted coronavirus to India. They not only brought this virus to India but also transferred to all those poor and working-class people who never visited any foreign country even in their dream.

There are the cases when domestic maid got this infection because her employer recently comes from a foreign country and carried coronavirus with him. Like this, these affluent foreign returned Indians transferred this virus to drivers, milkmen, servants and many other poor people.

No Contribution from Them

The affluent Indians who gifted this deadly coronavirus to poor Indians haven’t made any contribution to fight against this virus. Indians are totally dependent on the government.

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba has donated millions of masks and testing kits to many African and Asian countries. Bill Gates announced $100 million aid in early February. Apart from that many Hollywood stars are contributing to fight against this deadly infection.

In India, we are only clapping hands and utensils from our balcony and expressing respect to our Prime Minister. Anand Mahindra, the owner of Mahindra group, finally becomes the only one so far to announce some facilities. He donated his 100% earning and transferred Mahindra resorts into care centres. 

Leaving Anand Mahindra, there is hardly any monetary contribution from any Bollywood stars and Industrialists. These are the people who can do a lot and help those people who are helpless.

Bottom Line

The Government has taken many measures to prevent coronavirus. There is a complete lockdown in almost the whole country. Indian Railways cancelled all the trains. But still many people are not serious about it. You are requested to stay at home and help India to FIGHT AGAINST CORONAVIRUS. Break the chain; otherwise, this coronavirus has the capability to break the country.

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