How SIP helps in market correction?

Equity is the best investment options for them who want a huge return on their investment. But due to its volatility and uncertainty, investment in equity become highly risky. If a person wants to invest in equities then he has… Continue Reading →

Ignore Investment advice from relatives and friends.

Before investing money, most people take investment advice, especially from their relatives and friends. With so many investment options available, people get confused. At that time, we need someone who can help us in selecting the best investment options. Many… Continue Reading →

How to find the Best Mutual Fund?

Investment in Mutual Fund is not rare these days and everyone want to invest in Best Mutual Fund. After a lot of programs and advertisements run by the government and other financial institutions, the inflow in mutual fund increased many… Continue Reading →

Difference between Saving and Investment

A lot of people get confused between saving and investment. Both are two different terms which are used interchangeably. Now, let us understand “The Difference between Saving and Investment.” What is Saving? The portion of your income which is not… Continue Reading →

7 Reason Why People avoid Financial Planning

In my previous post, I discussed about 6 Reasons to start investing early. After reading comments and all other replies, I realized that almost every person knows that they must invest some portion of their income but still they avoid… Continue Reading →

What is Financial Planning?

Have you ever wondered why financial planning is considered so important in the finance world? If you ever visited any financial advisor then you know how much emphasis is given on financial planning. Everyone has a dream and aim in… Continue Reading →

Mutual Fund- A Complete Guide for Beginners

A mutual fund is a kind of investment that uses money from investors to invest in stocks, bonds or other type of investment instruments. A fund manager decides how to invest the money, and for this, he is paid a… Continue Reading →

How to Save Money From Salary?

Every one of us know that investing money is very important to achieve financial freedom in our life. Unfortunately, only few of us are able to save money and invest them. Some people are not able to save because of… Continue Reading →

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